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We’d like to introduce you to our company’s owner.  Jack Jones has been in the home restoration industry for over 20
years.  He got his start in storm damage repair by helping homeowners file siding replacement claims and coordinate
necessary repairs.  Using his skills and knowledge, he expanded these services over time into a full-service construction
company.  JJ Roofing LLC was formed with offices in both Colorado and Kansas City and eventually added IA.

Jack joined the Allstate National Catastrophe team in 2012 working as an insurance adjuster helping families with home
damage resulting from Hurricane Sandy.  His time with Allstate gave him a clearer understanding of the full insurance
claim process allowing Jack and his team to better service their customers in all aspects of the insurance claim process to
the completion of the repairs.

In 2013, after Colorado had one of its worst floods in history, Jack expanded his company into a full restoration
company, recognized the need for homeowners to have a “one stop shop.” From there, JJ Roofing became JJ
Roofing and Restoration. There are very few aspect of your home repair that Jack and his team are unable to
help with.